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I keep getting an annoying sound in either one or both of my ears

hiya everyone,

I'm new here. I can't remember when the annoying sound started, but every so often I hear a noise in either one or both of my ears that sounds like a running shower.

I'm not sure how to mention it to my GP as I find it hard to hear when the noise is in my ears.

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Do you have any other problems with your hearing? It sounds like it could be tinnitus as that takes many forms. See your GP and explain this to them. Sometimes even without hearing loss a hearing aid can help to disguise the noise.




ty hun. I'll make an appointment with a GP in the new year as I haven't got a clue what the opening times of the surgery is over the hols and also because men my fiance are busy packing up to move into our new flat.


I've had mild tinnitus for years, and one of the peculiar symptoms - which sounds ridiculous to anybody who hasn't experienced it - happens when I take an afternoon nap in my recliner. As I drift off to sleep I'm often aware of the sound of rushing water or a train whizzing past. It increases in volume until it's like being in a torrent. When it all started I sometimes woke up with a start, wondering what was happening. Nowadays I just take as a sign that I'll be soon asleep.

The other main symptom (which is happening now) is a high pitched whizzing sound, but not of a particularly strong volume, so I have no problems living with it. Indeed, I forget it most of the time.

I was prescribed hearing aids a couple of years ago because of loss of hearing in the upper frequency band, and I think tinnitus often accompanies loss of hearing.

If I were you, I'd tell the doctor what you just wrote, that it's hard to hear when you're experiencing the noise. S/he'll probably send you off to a hearing specialist who'll give you a battery of tests.

Tinnitus is extraordinarily widespread and comes in 57 varieties, so if it is tinnitus you have, you're not alone.

good luck



ty Chris


Hi Sophiesmummy13,

I've had tinnitus for a great many years and there's nothing in this world that will stop it, not even having hearing aids on as the noise is inside the head not outside (I wear aids). I believe mine started when I was too near loud fireworks. The noises can vary from one day to the next and the right ear will have a different sound to the left. Anyone who hasn't got this condition can possibly understand what we're talking about and it definitely effects how well you hear. Sometimes, if you're lucky, it could just be a passing phase and will disappear but unfortunately the majority of people will have it for the rest of their lives until a cure can be found. I was sent by my doctor to see a specialist but to be honest it was a waste of time and he wasn't that encouraging as he and I knew there's no cure at the present time especially as I'd had it for years. You should still see someone just in case it's an infection so you can at least rule that out. Good luck.


ty hun. I will when I can get through to my doctors hun as it's difficult to get through to the doctors atm as it's a popular doctors surgery.