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hearing aids n.h.s


im new here can anyone help ive had a hearing test by specsaver can you tell me if I can get hearing aids on the n.h.s and if so what sort names etc thank you regards bob

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yes u can get hearing from the nhs

Yes. Ask your doctor to refer you to the audiology department of your local hospital. They do perfectly good ones - mine are digital and brand is Oticon. I have moderate to severe hearing loss and they work very well.

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Yes, ask to be referred to the audiology department of your NHS trust - I have Oticon digital aids with moderate to severe hearing loss and I find they are fine too as lallym says.

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how long did it take with the hearing aids to mask ur tinnitus

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Hi, sorry I don’t specifically know about tinnitus blocking - my hearing aids don’t block it out. I find when there is sound in the background - radio, tv etc or I am busy with something I am not aware of my tinnitus. When it is quiet I am often aware of it but have had it so long I just ignore it 😂. If you find it very frustrating I suggest you make an appointment with your audiologist - when Boris says we can go out that is.......😅

Or perhaps someone else on this forum has tried something that masks tinnitus - I think you can buy devices that produce white noise??? I haven’t tried any.

yes, Specsavers where I live have the NHS Contract for carrying out the hearing tests and supplying and fitting of hearing aids,servicing them and providing batteries. You can also buy Hearing Aids from them. Anything complicated is covered by Hospital Audiology. My GP Surgery referred me to Specsavers for hearing aids.

Yes you can, take your hearing test results with you, your Doctor should be able to send you to Audiology, good luck,

I've got Oticon Spirit Synergy from the local NHS audiology department. I have to book an appointment to get them fixed if there's a problem and there's usually a 30min-1hr delay when I'm there. Then any check is pretty cursory. The aids are OK but not great in noisy situations. I find I'm missing some critical words in conversations.

I'm thinking of getting some private ones from either Specsavers or Boots.

Hi there

About 18 months or so ago my friend made appointment at local surgery as advertised free hearing checks. Got appointment with nhs audiologist and results showed mod to severe loss both ears. Had got to earLy adulthood to find this out as had struggled a lot but never tested. Didn’t want have aids but was given and be honest quality is great and can’t really see Best of all didn’t cost a penny. Also get free batteries and tubes etc and all nhs. I thing in Britain that they are free but on a loan basis

Kind regards Julia

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