Best Christmas present ever!

Hi all, I'm new to this site, so hope this is posted in the right place. I've been completely deaf in my right ear for over 40 years, due to a disease when I was 13. I have no eardrum in the right ear, but my left ear has always compensated for the loss of hearing. However, as I get older the hearing in my good ear isn't as sharp as it used to be. I can't hear every well when there is background noise (why does my Bank insist on having music playing?) nor can I hear when someone is behind me, hence, I have nearly been run over by numerous mobility scooters and cyclists! But today I went for my yearly check up and ear clean at the hospital and have been told I can have a certain type of hearing aid which means that after 40 years of deafness, I will actually be able to hear again. I am so incredibly happy. I left the hospital walking on air! So, to all of you who are suffering from hearing loss, please don't look upon having to wear a hearing aid as a bad thing, look at it as a new lease of life. Losing your hearing is a horrid thing, it's an invisible disability.I have missed out on so much, not being able to hear. I am looking forward to receiving my hearing aid, believe me I am going to make up for 40 years of deafness 😉

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  • Hi Christine!

    Welcome 💚 I am so happy for you and that your new gift. Pls let us know when it arrives and what it is like. When I start d wearing mine in was like a whole new world opened up. Lol I still laugh bc sounds still startle me. I am overjoyed for you! What is the first thing you will list to?



  • Wow that's amazing news, congratulations

  • Excellent news. Is it a cochleal implant?

    I'm a standard age related hearing loss but I think I might me able to imagine what that news must be like!

    Indeed an exceptional Christmas present.