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Hot flushes


Hi guys.....I am almost 6 months post hysterectomy and before op I was post menopausal....however out of the blue I am once again getting nasty hot flashes day and night.....I had them years ago why they haunting me taking the usual evening primrose oil....sage...etc....any advice

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Welcome to the club girl.

On 16th of this month I shall be clocking one year post op TAH+BSO.

When I had surgery I wasn't menopausal@46. But three days after surgery,,,,kaboom!!!

I had it rough adjusting but right now, it's part of my lifestyle. My bag doesn't lack a face towel. But it also changes the frequency. One day it's bearable, little. Then another day it goes haywire.

All in all, it's usual. It shall be ok.

I only used Isoflavone tabs for one month and went roasted soy seeds and soy flour way.

Punchline: Embrace it.

Be of good cheer.

Blessings and quick recovery ❣️

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