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Hello everyone! Im looking for any tips/ideas for getting my energy back. Im absolutely exhausted everyday although I get plenty of sleep. Thank you in advance ladies ❤️

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Hi Mrsmoomoo. It was probably 12 months before i felt like i had full energy again. I know it can be frustrating but it is still important to rest when your body tells you. It has a lot of healing to do and thats when it does it best. Gradually build up your exercise levels and eventually you will get there. Its major surgery youve had so recovery cant be rushed and everyone does so at different speeds. x

My hysterectomy was 7 months ago today. I am back to doing everything I ever did and more. I go to aqua aerobics twice a week, swimming once a week, walk my dog daily and I work in a school with 6/7 year olds two days a week. My iron levels have increased dramatically since my op, (no more bleeding is amazing!!!!) and I do feel like I have more energy to do all this. BUT!!! I still get tired. It’s a different kind of tired than I had before as I don’t feel drained and lethargic. But I go to bed earlier now, I have lie ins at the weekend and you’ll always find me asleep on the sofa on Thursday and Friday evenings after work! I don’t feel permanently tired any more but more like ‘worn out’ after a full day. Hard to describe But it’s a good tired feeling which it wasn’t before. Are you walking much? Walking was really good for me after my op. I did ‘thirty steps there and thirty steps back’ then increased it by thirty each way each day. Built me up physically and gave me a mental focus/determination too as I was determined to walk a thousand steps in x amount of weeks. Also swimming. The physio told me that a woman takes on water through their vagina which is why you can’t swim or bath after a hysterectomy due to causing infection. But once I stopped bleeding she said to get in the swimming pool - it was real hard work at first but soon got my stamina up. Don’t push yourself too hard though. Listen to your body. You probably feel like you won’t get there but you will. All the best 😉 xx

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