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Sunny Day :-)

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Hi everyone,

A gorgeous sunny day today - and I love the greens and pinks in these views.

Zest :-)

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Beautiful photos Zest. Guernsey must be looking lovely now. The rain we had here in May seems to have moved on at last, and we too had a glorious day today.

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ZestAdministrator in reply to elliebath

Hi elliebath

Thank you, Guernsey is looking beautiful at the moment. Glad to hear you've had a glorious day, after the rain moved on. Have a lovely weekend.

Zest :-)

That's so nice there Zest! I hardly get time lately due to work! Exhausted after my shifts! So busy in our Restaurant kitchen at work now! Wished I had the energy left to go for a walk especially now! But saw a squirrel 🐿️ on the road driving to work this morning 😁 had to slow car down!

Hope you well my friend ❤️

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ZestAdministrator in reply to Snowdrops_17

Hi Snowdrops_17

I hope you get some rest over the weekend - although I suspect you're probably going to be busy with the Restaurant kitchen. Nice that you saw that squirrel.

Yes, I'm well thanks, and I hope you are too.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.

Zest :-) xx

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Snowdrops_17 in reply to Zest

Thanks darling! Not working Sunday or Monday thank goodness! Must admit since my Vaccination on 9th of May, I felt more tired! Wasn't able to rest as much either! People book crazy, as if Restaurant would close again! It's so busy! Everybody is tired! It's just mad!

Feeling my age now, 64, and thoughts of not working so hard are 20 months away Zest!

Hope I get through this all! 😱🐿️😍

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