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Lovely Walk Yesterday :-)

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Hi everyone,

I went out for a really enjoyable walk yesterday, and here are a few photos from that walk. The cliff-paths in Guernsey are beautiful at this time of year.

Zest :-)

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It really is beautiful Zest. Lovely photos. I particularly like the light shimmering on the water.

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Zest in reply to Agoodenough

Hi Ali,

Yes, it is lovely when the sun shines on the water.

Zest :-)

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Fabulous photos Zest, you do live in a beautiful area.😁

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Zest in reply to Hidden

Hi Alicia,

As do you, I enjoy seeing your photos too.

Zest :-)

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Hidden in reply to Zest

Hi Zest

Thank you. The sea where you live looks like you are in the tropics.😁


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