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These are some of the causes that can affect the proper sleep of your children.

Children sleep in a very important proportion of their lives, and a sleep disorder can severely affect their performance in the day, their health and their quality of life. The newborns sleep between 16 and 20 hours, at 2 or 3 years they reduce the hours of sleep between 11 and 13 hours; while at six it falls again to 10 or 12 hours and up to 10 in adolescents.

When it comes to identifying causes, child specialist in Chandigarh divides them into four: those related to "lack of sleep hygiene,” obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, parasomnias, and others. Bad sleep habits

In the case of bad habits or those related to "lack of hygiene," child specialist in Chandigarh mentioned as causes:

•Do not establish norms and defined hours to sleep.

•Excessive use of screens (television, cell phones or tablets).

•Eat stimulant foods and drinks such as tea, coffee, chocolates, cola or energy drinks.

•Have much noise or brightness in the room.

•Perform very intense physical exercises at night.

•Make children sleep in their parent’s bed.

•Use the bed for other play or study activities

In the case of infants, who wake up at midnight, make him sleep in his arms or feed him during the night after three months.

Many of these bad habits can be acquired while they are nursing and continue until they are children and adolescents.

All of these behaviors can interfere with the quality of your children's sleep. If you want to help them sleep well, you should avoid them. If you need help to improve these behaviors, come to the expert clinic and consult a specialist.

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