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10 Best Drug Rehab Centers in Arizona

Addictions seldom arise by themselves, comorbidity of mood disorders and physical illness play a crucial role and it is a fact that is well known in the treatment industry. It's getting to that change that's the big leap. Here's a list of 10 of the best drug rehab centers in AZ to take that big step:

1. Arizona Addiction Recovery Center | Phoenix-Scottsdale: Offers programs for young adults from 18-35, and separate programs for older addicted persons 35 and older. Inpatient and outpatient programs, medical detox, and post-treatment support and counseling.

2. Stonewall Institute Treatment Center | Phoenix: (LGBTQ Affirmative) The only LGBTQ affirmitive treatment center in Arizona recognizes the unique hurdles to sobriety faced by LGBTQ people, and staff is trained in LGBTQ Clinical Competency.

3. Desert Cove Recovery Center | Scottsdale: Holistic treatment, customized therapy, and outdoor therapy combine with the classic 12 Steps treatment pioneered by Anonymous Alcoholics.

4. Renaissance Recovery Center | Gilbert: (Faith Based) Outpatient recovery services that are faith-based with evidence-based treatment models.

5. Canyon Crossing Recovery | Prescott: (Women Only) Specializing in outpatient services and transitional living for women in recovery, the program addresses the unique needs and experiences of women in their pathway out of addiction.

6. The River Source | Arizona City: Offers inpatient and outpatient services, as well as woman-only treatment and faith based programs. Also, offers counseling and continuing care.

7. Arrowhead Lodge | Prescott: (Men Only) Residential program specializes in alcohol and drug addiction, but also offers a program for opioid addicts with pain. Provides different programs for licensed professionals battling addictions. Mature men only.

8. Cottonwood Tucson | Tucson: Adult and young adult inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, and binge eating disorders on a 35-acre campus overlooking Tucson. Partnered with University of Arizona School of Medicine for cutting edge evidence based care.

9. Sanctuary at Sedona | Sedona: Addiction recovery and mood disorder treatment in a non-12 Step treatment program. Unique and specialized treatment that acknowledges that one size in recovery does not fit all.

10. Springboard Recovery | Scottsdale: Inpatient treatment and outpatient counseling for a variety of addictions and disorders.

An addicted person is still a person, not "an addict" and stands the best chance of getting their addiction under control when the mind and body are treated. A number of mental illnesses and disorders can be comorbid with addiction, as can some physical illnesses and disorders. Get the best treatment for the whole person, and start a new, clean, and self-aware life.

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