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Along with the severe head trauma came fourth nerve palsy, a stretched muscle in the back of my eye giving me double vision. This is most annoying and made it hard to go down stairs or pass a ball reliably, depth perception is useful. It's healing and now only affects me when I'm looking down or slouching backwards. Alas the head trauma means I slouch a lot. The NHS covered over a lense of my glasses with tape which worked well but I don't wear my glasses most of the time. You can buy plenty of cheap eye patches from costume shops with skull and cross bones on them but they look daft and are uncomfortable to wear for any period of time. The doctors at the eye hospital didn't know where to get decent ones. The only eye patches I've found which are comphy to wear all day are made not for people with wonky eyes but... American Medieval Recreation Societies. BirchCreekLeather on Etsy make good ones. They're clearly missing out a market by marketing them only to costume wearing Americans and not to people who actually need an eye patch.

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I did wonder why you were wearing an eye patch and when reading your "about me" of your profile, I thought it was coz you were attacked by pirates in the Caribbean. Not trying to mock your affliction but was putting two and two together to get five.

So the manufactures are missing out on a potential market for a comfortable eye patch that can be worn for extended periods of time and not look silly. You haven't missed it though, it might not make you rich but its might be worth contacting them to see if there is a trader in the U.K with the distribution rights for them. You might end up with a cart load of eye patches that aren't selling though or it could take off in a big way.

Eye hospitals, laser surgery clinics, etc. just a thought but I may have got carried away on it.


Oh I was attacked by pirates too (at least I assume it was, it would be the obvious explanation for ending up in a coma while paddling around the Caribbean).


Most chemists sell skin coloured eye patches. I wore one for a while but gave up. I am now used to the double vision and it doesn't really affect me at all.


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