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am i the only one experiencing problems with carers or social services

for a month now my carers keep sending me ladies not fit to do what i need bad backs and arms uable to lift anything my worry what if when they turn up i have fallen over questioning them about this answer they not allowed to haul nme up and adult soc serv this the third time they turned up deamanding a meeting their code for telling me how to run my life is this rude or normal

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I expect that you are getting the standard generic support workers that Social Services provide as they are cheap....Up north there is an organisation called Neuro Partners - they have a lot of local authority contracts within which they provide a neurological assessment within which they would provide a neuro support worker and if the situation is necessary build in the appropriate amount of personal care....they obviously are more expensive than 'generic' support workers however the long term benefits far outweigh what Social Services currently provide.......