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my brain

i had a ruptured aneurysm in july 2012 which caused bleeding into my brain i know theres a big word fr this but to hrd fr me to write i had operation which i was told i had a 20 per cent chance of surviving after that i had a stroke n fits im home now and doin ok get very bad headaches n have to take fit tablets but i know im lucky to be alive most days that keeps me goin but some days i gt so depressed i have good dys n bad at the momnt im waiting fr all different tests to come back as ive lost a stone in weight in 4 weeks and have a lump in my back for anyone whos is goin through this take it slowly n enjoy the good days

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My sympathies go with you. I had a similar experience 18mths ago, I also had a stroke on day 9 after the operation. It can be a lonely world when you can't speak or write properly. Don't give up, keeping writing every day. If possible email friends or write on Facebook or write a blog on here. I wrote a journal most days, some days just words! I too got very depressed about 9mths into recovery, it is hard to recognise the new you. At that point the doctor prescribe me exercise referral scheme as a form of treatment. It is a 12 week course with a NHS trainer which is free and is usually at a local gym or swimming pool. It really helped me get more oxygen into the brain and improved my speech and my well being. It might be something you could discuss with your doctor. Be confident that things will improve. I found it very hard to be patient :-) Much love on your journey. Alice x


hi thankyou for your lovely reply hope all is going good for you



I had a subarachnoid haemorrhage nearly 2 years ago and can remember the headache I had for months after, mostly I was just glad to be alive too but sometimes it all got to me too.

I had rehab for 8 months a year after my SAH and that really helped. One thing I asked to try was swimming and my GP did the exercise referal to save me some money. It was (and is) a fantastic thing for me to do. I can challenge my balance loads more in water without being frightened of falling over and the water supporting my entire body means I am mostly pain free for a while. (I have other none SAH stuff including a bone disease I was born with).

The most important thing I have learned in the last couple of years is to be kind to myself. It is a massive, life changing thing that we have been through and the after effects wlll always be with us one way or another. Don't start thinking you should or must do things and that you are a failure if you don't, just take it one day at a time.

I wrote quite a lot about my experiences here adlibbed.blogspot.co.uk/p/s... if it helps (I hate feeling like I am always posting this link but it saves me writing out loads) :-)


hi thankyou for your comments after reading this i watched your story on the blogpost its great to see you doing so well and it now seems that to ave headaches for a while is quite normal so thts reasuring for me youve realy cheered me up ive gt tests results on 11th jan so will post the results hopefully they will be good once againe il say thankyou n take care


I wish you luck on your journey and hope everything turns out well for you. I suffered a brain aneurysm back in April 2010. Feel free to contact me just for a chat or a moan


thankyou ope alls ok for you now


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