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I don't know if I have brain damage or what is wrong with me!

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So in 2014 for some reason I started having problems with reading, I remember I tried to read some books and I didn't understand anything, then I started having problems reading subtitles and understanding movies and TV shows, after that I started having problems with just the act of reading, not only comprehension, all of this happened in 2014, I don't know what caused this, I didn't have any of these problems before 2014 and I have had them ever since them, this year I went to see a neurologist and they did a CT scan and an EEG of my brain, and they didn't find any brain damage, the neurologist even told me that my EEG was perfectly normal, so I don't understand what is wrong with me, I feel like I have aphasia but I never had a stroke or TBI, since this happened to me my reading comprehension has improved, but I still find it incredibly hard and tiring to read, and I still can't watch TV because I can't comprehend what the people in those shows and movies say, which is weird because I think this doesn't happen to me in real life, like in school, when someone says something almost always, like 95% of the time I understand, I don't know what the fack is wrong with me, I want this to be over, I don't want to keep living like this, I really really miss reading books or any other material and watching movies, these problems that I have make my life much much harder, but I don't know what to do, maybe my problems don't have a solution, I really need someone to help me to solve this and recover my abilities.

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firstly i find your nickname offensive, i have a brain injury and so do several of my friends.

i suggest you sit down and think about and make notes about what you were doing before this happened or maybe go and see your gp and get referred to a psychologist.

i hate brain injuries, not people with them haha, who likes brain injuries?

Have you spoken to your GP about your issues ? A referral to a neurologist could eliminate issues within the brain and lead on to further investigations to get to the root of your difficulties. Regards, Cat.

i am exactly the same. Did u find out the cause?

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