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This got me thinking: Blue badge parking permits to be rolled out to people with hidden disabilities, Government proposes


This got me thinking:

Should I technically have a blue badge as I drive and am permanently disabled (and have related mental health issues as well as having heritage mental health issues) despite all of my success.

I was looking on the gov website and I dispite being able to walk find out of all the options, this one seems more relevant

I have a permanent disability that means I can’t walk or I find walking very difficult

But when going on to the next page this bit stumps me:

•evidence to show the reason that you qualify for a badge

Would a MRI scan class as evidence ...

Has anyone else tried to get a BB when they walk fine but drive before these article?

I feel like the answer should technically be yes but its not that smooth

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Personally, i would say if you have been managing fine then you dont need one.

I no longer drive because of my BI but i can manage fine on public transport. Without the walking i would get no exercise at all.

I look on this as being for those people who would not get out of the house if they didnt have the help a BB would give them.

I feel, and this is a general statement not aimed at you personally, that too many people think that because its there its their right to have.

My son is on the autistic spectrum covered by this change but with careful planning he can manage on public transport, i will not be encouraging him to pursue one unless his condition worsens.


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if people can get away with abusing the system they will, this is why pip are being so hard in handing out benefits, the amount of time people have told me i should with quit my job or reduce my hours to get benefits and Ive gone well i am capable to work a full time job so why should it because I have raised to not let my brain injury effect me but it does and when it does (like it has been in the past year between agitated due to medication side effects and withdrawal ) people like my manager dont believe me and threaten me with dismal

My mum has one (triple hear by pass) but she can still manage to go to spain and do drunken pub crawls but cant be bother to walk or get the buses 10 mins from her flat to my house or even text me to see if Im okay

I have a BB and I feel I definitely could do with one because my balance is crap and I have spasticity which makes it worse.

Some of my disabled friends don’t have a BB and I was talking to one of those friends about it a few weeks ago. He can walk fine and although he is actually qualified to acquire a BB he chooses not to have one.

I respect his decision and I do think that the BB should be given to those who really do need it.

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