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Can my hubby fly?

Hi all, hope your all as well as can be. I've got a question for you . Is it possible to fly with a cerebral anyerism?

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You need to ask his consultant, check with your insurance company and the airline.

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People live with aneurysms every day without knowing they have them, doing all sorts of every day things with no adverse effect but if you are aware of one or hen it’s best to check.

My sister lived for 10 years with what was considered at the time to be a large inoperable aneurysm, when it was 11mm medical procedures had moved on sufficiently that it was successfully coiled and meshed.

During those 10 years she flew many times even across the Atlantic. Speak to the consultant and put your minds at rest XX


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IT'S possible to fly if you've got wings,but i dont think a cerebral anyerism? will help any..

So SORRY, but i had to quip,Please forgive me if it upsets.


I've flown a few times with an arteriovenous malformation in my brain after the all clear from the doctor. Same principle so imagine it will be fine :) (obviously check with a doctor first!)


I had a AVM and following a bleed I was told do not fly until the AVM has been removed, as any weakness is much more likely to bleed if you fly.

So definitely don't do it unless it's been approved by a consultant


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