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Partner in long term MCS and I have a small child

I've asked this question a year ago but I'm posting again in the hope there might be someone out there. My 36 year old partner has been in MCS for nearly a year and a half. He has no communication or command following or signs of recognition. We have a four year old daughter who has just started school. I'm desperate to connect with someone in a similar situation particularly in relation to parenting. Anyone out there?

Fingers crossed......

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I'm so sorry for your predicament Rose. My ex husband was minimally conscious for two years but passed away after contracting pneumonia.

We divorced when our son and daughter were 7 and 11 and I raised them alone though he and I remained close, and when he suffered a brain haemorrhage (6 months after mine) we all rallied & visited. But it was especially upsetting for our children (then adults) who were still reeling from my sudden illness, seeing a once robust father unable to move, eat or speak.

Are you coping financially Rose ? Anything I can help with, please don't hesitate to ask.

Cat x


My husband has been in a MCS now for 9 months . My children are grown up but you are welcome to contact me if you need a chat xx

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I have tbi and at the time I developed it my daughter was 18 months old. I was lucky my sister took care of her while I was in hospital. When I went home I wanted my daughter with me so has staff to deal with it. Then my husband came back to help. Now she is 21, understands my disability, but does not cope as well as I want.


Hello Garden Rose. I have just seen your post. I am so sorry about your partner. My daughter has been in a vegetative state/ MCS for nearly 3 years now. I am desperate to communicate with someone who is in a relatively similar situation. My daughter has got 2 young children (5 and 3 1/2). It is heartbreaking !!!


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