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I am trying to get darker indoor glasses for when I am indoors with bright lights, that are maybe over 40 watts, like 60 to 100 watts. When I am in a room or hall with very bright lights I get light induced headaches or a migraine after about 10 to 20 minutes.

At home or most people's homes or cafes and restaurants the lights tend to bless bright and are OK. Daylight is ok or I can sit with my back to the sun. I am usually not really affected with less bright lighting. Warm tone lights are better than bright white lights. I am better with brown tint sunglasses blue tint seem to make the headache worse.

It is very sad at times as I cannot socialise or do things in brightly lit rooms, or halls with very bright lights, as it makes my migraines and headaches much worsen and I then I can have a migraine or headache every day

I can only use a smart phone or computer for a short time as the screen makes the headache and migraine worse and can increase the frequency etc.I wonder if there is a screen shade that can be stuck onto a computer screen and what make please?

I wonder if anyone has any ideas?

I have sun glasses at 85% which is the darkest in opticians on sale (as it is illegal to wear glasses over over 85% for driving), but they will tint sun glasses darker up to 95% (allowing only 5% light in) if they are not for driving in. I also wear a brand brimmed hat indoors.

I want to get glasses that I like more, my current 85% ones have big shading arms and large lenses, but I feel like a change and getting smaller lenses, like prescription frame glasses for indoors, (not sun glass frames) but I worry these glasses will not cut out enough light.

Someone said I should see a neuro opthalomagist but a gp said no - unless I could find an example of how seeing one could help? If anyone has seen a neuro opthalomagist for photophobia please could possibly let me know about it?

I wonder if anyone has dark glasses over 85%- eg 90% or 95% or any ideas about photophobia. (The opticians call it light sensitivity, the neurologist diagnosed me with photophobia, and my lawyer called it light induced migraines.) Thankyou sorry for long post.

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Hi Amber, sorry can't help here as I have the opposite problem I need very bright light. Soon as it passes dusk I can't go out on my own.

I have ceiling pendants in each room with 6 60 watts in them and also wall lights in the living room.

I hasten to add I no longer drive for reasons other than just light levels.

Hope you can sort this xxxx



I also use dark tinted glasses. I had an opticians appointment on Wednesday and he advised not to use them too dark, but I can't do without. Light absolutely kills my eyes. It's awful when in hospital with the bright lights. At home I use a bedside lamp, when alone. P.S. I love Egypt. I can't afford it anymore. Dave


Have u tried polarized lenses? I did,when i went to buy drink on touchscreen it vanished completely,had to tilt head. Problem is mine aren't prescription,so vision is blurry tho. Wish i knew before i just bought prescription glasses tho!


p.s. polarized no good at night.