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Hospital Stay


So after my first post last week on Wednesday morning I was admitted to hospital with a suspected bleed on brain following a major pain and vomiting - CT scan showed nothing Lumbar Puncture nothing - discussed the scan previously which seemed to show an aneurysm and told I need to return next week for MR angiogram to double check Size location etc.

Back home now terrified and worried again of what might be !


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Doesn’t sound like they are worried, the NHS that is! You do seem to have had a clean bill of health bar the aneurysm that was picked up before.

I know it’s scary but it sounds like so far nothing worrying has been found, but should know either way next week, as you say lots of people live entire lives with a aneurysm that they are unaware of.

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Thanks I keep trying to tell myself the last part ...... even this evening a slight twinge and I'm in panic mode daren't even have a glass of wine x


Major pain and vomiting could be migraine....as Roger says just as likely to be nohing sinister so hold onto that thought until someone tells you otherwise.

Should that day happen we are all here to give you all the info you need so that you can deal with it - whatever it turns out to be.

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Thank you x


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