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Pins and needles


I had a brain haemorrhage 10 years ago and recently am experiencing pins and needles down the left side of my body; face feet arms hips etc I sometimes get them on the right side of my body aswel.

I have been getting headaches and seeing flashing lights in my visual field.

Of course I have been the doctors and seen a neurologist who did an MRI which showed no significant changes, no follow ups booked.

Im wondering does anyone else get these type of sensations as after effects of a BI

Im assuming if there was an issue it would show up on scan results is that right?

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Hiya again Pretty things. I've also had brain injuries and suffer with the same. The worse is the continual shaking. I pass out and a couple of months ago had an MRI that found that I'd had a 3rd injury that I didn't know about. Now I see 2 neurologists and on Wednesday go for tests ( EMG and NCS ) for peripheral neuropathy. I worry about what they may find. I don't want a diagnosis of Parkinson's, which is on my mind due to these damn shakes . Some people think it's the beer,but I hardly touch it now. Maybe these tests will give me some idea. Dave x

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I worry about MS because of the pins and needles but surely the MRI would have spotted something

Also had blood tests etc and eye teats etc still no answers

X x x

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Hi Prettythings,

I wonder if you are having migraines ?


I have the sparkly flashes visual aura for about 20 - 30 mins before the headache. Fortunately the headache part is usually mild and short lived. I'm at that 'funny age' in my female life, when it is often more common ! : ) x

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Thats what I think but not much Im allowed to take for it x x x


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