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I had a brain haemorrhage 10 years ago, until recently I have never had to deal with such levels of fatigue and currently have absolutely no energy to do anything at all! i had my first child 3 months ago so of course I appreciate I have more to do with looking after my baby etc I have not done any housework in weeks and starting to wonder how you guys do it? It takes me longer to do things as I only use my right arm and struggle walking etc

My question is how do you manage your fatigue? My husband works full time so I cant have naps or rests in the day and I have no family who want to help.

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Poor you! You must feel totally shattered especially with a young baby and no help from family! I would visit your gp as soon as you can and ask to have some blood tests done to check out your thyroid etc. You could be suffering from post natal depression. Fatigue has a devastating impact on our mood and this sets up a vicious cycle. I struggle with cfs after my sah, and I've had to stop work now. I started a course of antidepressants today in the hope of improving my mood and fatigue. Your priority is the baby, don't stress about the housework!! Just concentrate on YOU and rest when the baby rests.

I saw my gp who told me to cut out caffeine I cried inside haha!

jees, change your gp immediately!!! I wouldn't put up with that for a second. I can't imagine how you manage. Any new mother feels permanently exhausted without a brain haem underlying. You are doing brilliantly you STAR!

Haha thanks

I remember well how totally shattering it is the first few months of a baby's life. I think I used to sleep at the same time as my daughter for the first six months...I kid you not! Mind you we lived in a very remote area of northern Scandinavia with no neighbours - very isolating - and it was mostly dark during the winter months when she was born, so what better thing to do than sleep. I think this weather is very debilitating too, so you must be as relieved as me to have the cooler temps of the last few days. I have jumped for joy. I wish it would rain all month if it helps with fatigue which it does!


Having a young baby , even without any pre illness is definitely exhausting!!

Forget the housework....just concentrate on your baby and yourself. Nothing else matters.

Are you able to ask for support from your health visitor? Nct ? Sure start ?

And you must nap whenever little one does. It's a prerequisite for all new mothers !

Take care

Prettythings1 in reply to moo196

No I don't qualify for any extra help apparently I don't know why!

i just need to clone myself

moo196 in reply to Prettythings1

Right now that isn't possible I'm afraid....😢 I would still ask for practical /emotional support from any of the people I mentioned.

Do not worry about housework in the slightest....one shade of grey IS the same as another (dusting isn't important....I now do mine at least once a year).

You must sleep when baby sleeps. It's what is recommended for all new mothers....let alone anyone with any illness

Do you have a branch of Home-Start in your area? They are a charity set up to help with young families and might be able to help.

No not in my area im afraid

Hi Pretty,

I suffer with fatigue but it is not as bad as it used to be now.

I am an artist and if I sat and drew a picture for an hour to two hours I would suddenly get a bad case of fatigue. It would feel like my brain had been replaced with a house brick or the top of my skull taken off and head topped up with concrete :).

Over the years, I have been looking into more natural ways of treating yourself and found out more about essential oils. Frankincense essential oil in particular is very good for the brain. So to start woth, I bought a bottle and was inhaling it straight from the bottle. After doing that for a few weeks I nticed it helped with my fatigue.

I always use frankincense and use a cold air diffuser which enhances the oil.

I still get fatigue but it is definitely not as bad as it was.

I will look into it x

Hi a blood test is good, to check for anaemia, as having a baby is exhausting, but also your iron can drop a bit too. Gp is definitely worth a try. X

On the subject of iron, dark chocolate and cocoa can help you there. A brain injury and a baby at the same time is a challenge. My mum felt a bit better after taking vitamin b12 tablets, but a GP can tell you if your blood is ok.

On the subject of food, you could try Tina M Sullivan, Nourish Your Noggin cookbook which was created for PCS sufferers but has some lovely recipes.

Hope you feel better soon

Hi, not sure where you're based, but your health visitor should be your first port of call, and also as others have mentioned , Sure Start. Lots of areas also have music groups for babies in local libraries. Obviously if you're attending a baby bounce session in the library, it could hardly be called a rest, but while someone else is creating a lovely environment for the baby to engage with, you can at least sit and just join in. Also if you regularly, you'd be likely to meet up with other mums and perhaps find a bit of peer support? There are also many church toddler groups - and babies are welcome. As others have said, try to rest when the baby rests. Wishing you all the best :)

Hi, I had my haemorrhage in 1999 and my son was born in 2005 (whilst doing my PhD!), I also had no family to help, just my husband who worked long hours. My suggestion is don't worry about house work, or even getting dressed, if you don't want to! Sleep and rest when baby sleeps, it doesn't matter that the house is untidy. It is worth pointing out that towards the end of my maternity leave, I was quite depressed, tired and had lost a lot of confidence as I had spent a lot of time in the house, looking after baby and sleeping and basically coping, so very little social time and interaction with adults. So seriously considered not going back to finish off my PhD, it is intense study, how would I cope!? I did go back, initially part-time and did it! So do what's right for you; rest when you can, don't think "oh I'll just do this" as the chance to rest my be gone! Baby sleep-you sleep!

Thanks shall try x

I miss my tidy house!

moo196 in reply to Prettythings1

But you will miss your sleep more.....and besides, a house does not need to be tidy when you have little ones. It's better that you are rested ☺

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