Hello everyone

Hello everyone

Hi I blog about my experience of brain injury and how my recovery is going. I'm raising awareness and trying to help other survivors and their carers. If you type "jumbledbrain" into your browsers search bar you will find my story.

I'm open about some of the struggles I have, but I also share advice and tips for others to try.

But I'm still learning, so hopefully I can learn from other survivors here too.

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  • Hi Michelle

    I am little bit of a technophobe so please bear with me. Could you or would you be willing to post a link to your blog? I love reading this type of thing as it lifts my spirits to see people striving to support one another and although I am quite nervous about doing the same really do wish that I could offer others a little bit of hope with their health experiences.

    Clare x

  • Hi Clare

    For some reason each time I try to post a link my reply isn't posted. My site is called jumbledbrain and it's .com . I hope that makes sense, but that's the only way I can write it in this forum for some reason.

    If you want to see if I've written about a particular subject click on the pink box with the magnifying glass on the right hand side. You can search for a word and it will show you all articles which mention it.

    Let me know what you think 🙂



  • Hi Michelle

    Your site is great and you're right - we are people, not just humans.

    I'm sure others may find they share some of the experiences you've written about and feel less alone in doing so. Your honesty is appreciated. On a quick look, the following really struck me:

    'As with all professions, there are some who are good, and those who are not so good... So just because one expert downplays your condition, don’t give up. Get a second opinion. Sometimes the challenge is finding the right person to understand you.'

    I worked in transport safety and road safety, so am unduly glad you've created your site and we get to see your perspective. Your photo of the collision site was particularly powerful for me. I've evaluated a lot of data, been in a lot of meetings...but this illustrated the complexity and the power of your situation so well. I think a lot of the reality is hidden for obvious reasons, and to protect us, and the public, from the very difficult realities. It's inspirational that you've put these things out in the public domain. It's been frustrating for me personally that there's a lot of information and knowledge that never gets heard - or understood - and hearing from those personally affected is key. The stepping stones from incident to health recovery I don't think are as clear as can be.

    Well done :-) - I wish you all the very best in your continued recovery and with your site. This forum is a great resource for pretty much everything and I'm so glad you posted.

    Keep in touch - happy to help with anything if I can


  • Thanks for taking the time to read some of my blog. It's a personal journey for all of us, but you're right, it's important that we know we are not alone.

    It's important that people don't go through life being frightened of everything, so yes I understand why the public are protected from the details. But knowledge is power, so I hope we can empower people with our stories.



  • The link on your profile page- I read it and liked it a lot.

  • Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it. If there's ever a subject you would like me to highlight just let me know. X

  • That was supposed to read the link IS on your profile page! So sad to read what happened, I think that it's great you have documented it, my brain blocked my actual accident, impact of car and days before and after. I think the following 10 years were mainly a blur although I achieved a lot. The next 10 years my recovery slowed down but I made much better decisions :)

  • I do the same and it would be great to share each other's , please see my YouTube channel link :

  • Love your openness. Great work 🙂

  • Thank you Kavita - wishing you and your family well :-)

  • Nice too virtually meet you Michelle, I will have a read of your posts. I have been blogging too, not detailing the brain injury much though. I focus on the positives in my life and everything that makes me smile. Being forgetful and tired more easily doesn't make me smile so I don't write about it. Feel free to check out my posts too kellyssmile.com/blog

    I'll have a read of yours now :)

  • Hi Kelly thanks for your blog. Love the positivity of it. I have a pinterest brain injury group board which I set up to make it easier for survivors to find blogs they can relate to. Would you like to be a contributor?

  • Hi Michelle

    Love your blog, it is interesting to hear another fellow TBI and your journey. I suffered a very similar Injury, a bleed which although caused damaged, surgery was not appropriate. I have signed up to your newsletter alerts via my email. I love the idea of Pininterest and viewed your board, a unique idea. There is life after brain injury, (I am six years next month) and though the road has bumpy parts, I hold on to the thought that this difficult bumpy road will not always be the case, and life /illness will improve.


  • Hi Sem2011

    Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. We all have a unique journey, but some parts can be similar.

    You sound like you have a positive approach to life. I do believe everything happens for a reason, it's just not always immediately obvious. My Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a year after my accident, and went down hill very quickly. But as I had experience of a brain injury I was able to support him better through the frightening changes.

    So I am lucky enough to have been able to see why this happened to me.

    Take care

    M x

  • I love your attitude, and also your pinterest!! You have certainly been busy collecting all sorts. It will take ages to wade through it but I must!

  • There's over 90 posts in my blog so don't worry, take your time 🙂

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