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New head injury

Hello everyone, I had a fall over a week ago, hit my head off a wall and was knocked out, rushed to hospital, had a skull fract ure and a blood clot. Got operated on, drained the blood away etc, and was in hospital for a week. The consultant said i was recovering very fast and well, i got a post op CT scan, which came back as clear, then was discharged. I'm very tired, have no energy at all, and if i stand up, i get very dizzy, and i'm wondering is this normal, and how long does it last? I still have disolving stiches in my head, and i'm taking things at a very slow pace.

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Hi Eliz, so sorry to hear of your problems, unfortunately what they don't tell you is that with every brain injury, your brain has suffered a trauma and the extent of that trauma cannot always be measured.

You may not suffer any long term effects, but then again you may. Plenty of rest is needed, don't be too rushed to resume everything very quickly. You need to be kind to yourself and take things slowly. Sleep when your body tells you to, the brain does most healing whilst you are asleep.

Babies sleep for long periods for a reason, their brains are growing and new processes are being laid down.

So unfortunately there is no time scale for recovery and indeed there is no guarantee of complete recovery, that is to say there may, and I say may, be long lasting effects you experience.

Take care

Janet x

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Thank you, I also have Cerebral Palsy, which probably adds to the tireness, I feel very lucky that my memory, walking, talking, thinking etc, seems to be working ok. It has only been 10 days since the accident so i know that i know that i need to give things time.


Hello Eliz,

Welcome to the forum, and yes you are right you need to take your time so slowly does it . Be kind to yourself and look in here if it helps for a chat. All best wishes

Nan x

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