Back at work!

It's the end of my first week at work. I only did 7 hours in total. It's been quite full on. I'm feeling quite hypersensitive to noise, people's moods and the stress of others....I'm quite a sensitive person and was so before my brain injury. The noise at work and in public spaces has been driving me crazy. Screaming kids, traffic, people shouting, loud cheesy music and dogs's like my hearing has become really acute....I've ordered some noise filtering earbuds to see if they help....though I think I'm going to have them in permanently. It's making me feel really cranky and tearful. My family don't seem to understand and my dad ( who is deaf) keeps listening to the radio really loudly, and it's fuzzy and not quite on the right head is pounding when it's on and I get really upset. It's driving me round the bend......

Might have to go and speak to my GP about it.......

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  • Hi firstly thats great that you've returned to work. The adjustments will always be a challenge, and I understand about the noise. It might be a stupid suggestion but would it help while your out and about or to even escape noises at home, that you find a piece of music that is slow calming that can calm your head and relax you. If it was me I think the earplugs would make me more aware, where as I have always found music can help me escape. Also sit in a park, your garden or get someone to go for a day trip to the countryside. When I was really bad I was taken out and we went to a lovely village I sat outside a little cafe and all I could hear was the trees and it was so relaxing. I hope you don't mind my suggestions. Also do have a chat with your gp see how they can help

  • Thanks angelfish. I live in the Scottish countryside and commute into the city......and I did go for a nice walk the other day and we had a nice lunch.....and you're right getting away does help. I'll try your music idea. I've been doing meditations on the way into work and they've helped to curb the anxiety

  • Hey there... good on you for going back to work. Take it easy as you can. I hope that things settle down a bit eventually. All the best x

  • Thanks tired nan

  • Well done on your return to work ! Had to smile about your Dad - my partner was born partially deaf in one ear and he too has the badly tuned radio on loud for the sport : ) I can't deny him his bit of pleasure so have learned to move away to another room/outside if weather is nice, before it drives me loopy !

    Sending all good wishes for continued success in your phased return to work and lots of peaceful vibes : ) Angela x

  • Thanks Angela......I bought him earphones for Christmas as a can hear it in every room in the house

  • Hi and well done getting back to work.

    I hope that you didn't try to do the 7 hours in one day.

    Please please please don't wear the filters all the time when you get them. The audiologist said that that's the worst thing you could do.

    As for your dad if you aren't getting anywhere talking to him then making yourself absent and perhaps listening to some low volume relaxing music through headphones of your own might lead to a more understanding conversation.

    Love n hugs


  • Hi silmarillian, I had a sah seven weeks today, I too am thinking of going back to work. You didn't say what your injury was or when. I work in an elderly care centre, as a senior so am in charge when manager is not in, I don't have any physical problems but am aware brain isn't functioning as well as it used to lol. Earplugs would not be an option for me, although that would be nice when residents or relatives have a go at us. Well done to you on your return, I will see gp next week and see what she says, take care xx

  • I had a burst fusiform aneurysm and SAH followed by a side order of hydrocephalus, and bilateral pneumonias. It happened on 28/8/2016. Still having issues with hydrocephalus. My surgeon is waiting to see if it will resolve by itself....though I may need a shunt as they've just been doing multiple lumbar punctures thus far.....I have a few issues post SAH i.e. Headaches, nausea, stiff neck and lower back pain.....I'm also partially sighted and have fibromyalgia , diabetes , Hashimoto's thyroiditis and a few other things going on. I have a desk job, though I am a nurse. It involves no hands on nursing care. We run a support service for cancer patients and look into complex claims for an insurance company. My employers have been very good. I will use my earplugs for when I'm out in public ie in very noisy places....and do meditations at the beginning and end of the day. My job is very stressful.

    Try not to rush back to work. Once you start running around and having to use your brain at work you may feel the effects in terms of tiredness, headaches and other symptoms.....

  • Well done for getting this far Heather. I use the 'quietening' earplugs for noisy situations (supermarket, hospitals, traffic etc.,) and they really make life much less stressful.

    Hope you'll find they work well for you m'dear ! Cat x

  • Thanks for all your help Cat, it has been very helpful! I've ordered a couple of different kinds of earplugs to try out

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