How to boost your brain health naturally

Decreasing the sugar intake is a must as refined sugar can cause all sorts of health problems but it is hard to do when sugar is spread out everywhere. Sugar is in most, if not all, processed foods... Even savoury foods!?

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  • What goes into our foods these days is really shocking - so much stuff that doesn't need to be there and is actually detrimental to our health. At the same time, in the UK we throw out around 30% of all food we purchase - (salad 60%, 33% of bakery and 26% of fruit)

    The government have to mandate changes

  • Hi Sospan,

    I agree, it is very shocking what goes into our food and yes, a lot of things that do not need to be in the food product. For example, aluminium is an ingredient in most commercialised spray-on deodorants. Why? What is the need for aluminium? Is there any need for it? For me, the answer is "No, it should not be there at all".

    I have read things before that the first thing/substance scientists find in the brains of Alzheimer's patients is the metal Aluminium.

    Of course the first thing I did when I read this was ditch my spray-on deodorants and went natural. There is a lot of absolute rubbish added to foods, cosmetics and so on that is, or can be, detrimental to our health.

    I used to have a pure junk food diet and that is also the time of my life where I had health problems including my BI.

    Growing up, I have slowly come away from sugar. My health has improved and I try to eat more naturally now. I call processed foods you find in supermarkets and such 'fake food' because it really is not the kind of food people should be eating.

    We as humans are 100% natural and should be thriving on everything that is natural.

    I shall add, when you speak about the food people throw out. My Nan was terrible for buying processed, fake food and ended up throwing it out, and that is what you would call 'wasting food'.

    But when you mentioned about throwing out fruit/veg, I know people do do that sort of thing and most would say that is also wasting food but in actual fact it isn't. You cannot really waste natural, REAL foods like fruit or veg.

    If you buy an apple and it goes mouldy, don't throw it in the bin, that is silly. Compost the apple. Composting is so important. Me and my mum, we will compost almost anything in our house that is biodegradable. If you eat a banana and you put the peel straight into a compost bin, that is good but it can take weeks to break down and feed the worms. The worms are the important part of having lush earth. Me and my mum speed up the process. We collect all our peels and so on and whizz them up in a blender or nutribullet or food processor and make a smoothie. Then take the sludge out into the garden, make a whole and bury the smoothie. The worms love it and our back garden is teaming with worms. More worms make healthy earth and this makes better, easier gardening.

  • It a strange circle, the older generation grew up with very little "processed" foods apart from things like corned beef and tinned fruit. However, they have become more reliant and eager to buy "supermarket" foods now. Whilst there is now a trend for a lot of younger people to eat more "natural" foods.

    We really do need an American style Food and Drug Administration with some real teeth to control what goes into our products. You could fund it with a fat,sugar, salt tax levied on products that have an overload of these ingredients.

    In a country beset by our own social problems (food poverty, unemployment, loneliness etc.) I would like to see more community farms / recycling centre where people can take their waste paper, bottles, veg and home furnishings and these can be recycled or composted, vegetables grown, chickens kept etc. Those that participate in the scheme share in the "harvest"

  • I have actually heard some bad news about America's FDA. Judging by what I've read, I would think we have a slightly better FDA.

    Taxing fat, sugar, salt and so on may help in some ways but fat, sugar, salt and the like can be good for you, it all depends really on the kinds of fat, salt, sugar...

    We would likely get the run of the mill and cheaper, refined table salt in our foods when there are healthier salts on the market such as Himalayan rock salt.

    It's similar with fats and sugar. Again we get the cheap crap. Some will say it is because of money why we get this cheap rubbish but I like to think there is more to it than that.

    Some will say it is fat that makes a person fat. That might sound like the obvious answer but it's not. There are fats that the body needs like saturated fats but fats like trans fats that you find in margerine can be dangerous. Trans fats is what can cause heart attacks.

    I second that though on wanting to see more community farms, recycling centres... Etc. Fruit and veg should be grown organically, chickens kept free range, none of those factory farms where chickens, cows... are kept in horrid conditions

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