It is nearly two years since my hubbys menganomia,was discoverd. We have come quite far in that time,he has had so many setbacks,and we have had many worries.Including realising the far reaching effects of B.I like finnaical debt,trying to get back to work and re thinking our whole lives! He is now back at work iam kind of but need more hours.iam doing a degree as most of you know.We have also started peer mentoring for Headway.It has helped me allot. Overall the overwheloming support of my family and amazing pagan friends and of course Headway has helped us through.You lot have been pretty darn cool as well

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  • Well done on your achievements, my tumour was a meningioma too, it's not an easy journey! Hats off to you both! xx

  • Thanks and you keep reacovering x

  • Yay !! well done all of us :-)

    I've just passed my 2yr brainniversary and am looking at being a peer mentor too .....but currently bit busy with another medical issue and trip planning.

    We have to keep on trying to improve don't we?? ☺

  • Keep up the good work both of you.

    It's a wonderful new life.

    Love n hugs


  • Hope thiings continue to improve, brilliant that you have gotten involved in the volunteering.

    I'm a meningioma survivor also.

    Twenty years on now ! and hope to be around for a good bit longer.

    Onward and upward to you!

    Best wishes

    TN x

  • Awesome yes do stay around!

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