SAH conference Talk raising awareness

SAH conference Talk raising awareness

I have been invited as guest speaker for The Brain and spine Foundation London. This is my fourth speaking event to help raise awareness similar illnesses and by sharing my experiences it can help others. There are only a few tickets left but it's for patients, family and friends. There will be other people that you can meet and talk to which may help . 5th November link below, I hope it helps!

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  • Hope all goes well Kavib ; keep up the good work ! Cat xx

  • Fantastic, I did look at some of your video-blog posts, which were informative, and well-paced. Awareness-raising is crucial, not just within our 'damaged' worlds, but also wider, because the un-damaged world often doesn't know quite what to do with us, and I think half of us are making it up as we go along a great deal of the time.

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