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Hi I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm on September 3rd this year. Had an emergency endovascular coiling on the 6th. My symptoms were extremely bad headaches from January this year. I fell down some stairs and hit my head and had headaches ever since. My daughter took me to a and e as I was in so much pain. Emergency CT scan showed a unruptured aneurysm behind my right eye which was causing the headaches and pain on the touch around my eye. Since the op I've still been having the headaches some days better than others but today I think I have a head cold and I have a sore throat blocked nose and a weeping eye. I also have a really bad headache. Could this be because of swollen sinuses? My headaches have not been this bad since before I went to hospital. Called my doctor but he has fallen in sick. Any advice or similar would be great

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I had a haemorrhage coiled in 2011 and the subsequent headaches were severe. I think they lasted several weeks but gradually subsided with time.

And you'll certainly feel worse with the added symptoms of a head cold. You might try taking ibuprofen (if you can tolerate it ....... I can't) along with paracetamol to reduce the inflammation. It's perfectly safe as they're quite different drugs and it'll probably only be short term.

I hope it eases soon, but remember your op was only a couple of weeks ago so your recovery has a long way yet to go ! Take care Stigler. xx


Thanks Cat3. Just needed some reassurance as the headaches are pretty intense and doesn't seem to be any let up from them and as you said it's only been a few weeks. Need to remember I had brain surgery!! Thanks again x


I was still in ICU at the stage you're at now Stig and, from what I'm told, (no memory of this) I was in agony with headaches at that time.

My earliest memories are from the recovery ward (4 weeks on) when the headaches were obviously more tolerable as family were telling me how much better I was coping.

But I remember that every time the consultant came on his rounds the only topic of conversation was 'headaches', and it was the case with the other three women in my ward.

So you're doing really well to be coping at home with the pain, when others like me were still lying in a hospital bed being waited on hand and foot !

I really hope things improve for you before too long m'dear. Stay in touch ! xx


I had a flow diverter stent put in on my left ICA at the junction with the opthalmic artery in early July - my annie is inoperable unfortunately - so similar endovascular procedure and yes, terrible headaches for a fortnight - three weeks after. Kept in touch with the ward on discharge (after 6 days) and was advised to keep up the painkillers and not to try to do without for a few weeks. Also to ring them with any concerns. Which I did.

Few months on and I am pleased to report my only headache has been early last week at the start of a rotten cold. Even my regular migraines have miraculously disappeared....

Rest well, keep taking the tablets, and yes, try very hard to remember you have had brain surgery. Which is very difficult when it doesn't really feel like you have....


Hi, I had a ruptured aneurysm on September 9th 2014 and was coiled on the 12th. My headaches subsided after about 10 weeks but then started to become more severe. I phoned my neuro unit, had numerous lumber punctures and finally a VP shunt fitted as I'd developed hydrocephalus. If the headaches don't subside as your cold goes, it might be worth ringing the hospital. My neurosurgeon was great and saw me within a week.


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