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new beginnings

Hello everyone.

I have been mostly sharing doubts and worries here. So I have decided, for a change, to share some positive news. Im still surprised the positive is also happening to me...

I have been offered a new role in my company. This is great because last month my manager said there will not be work for me. I did not understand why because there was work for other people and there were new people employed. For some reason she did not want to keep me in the team without even giving me a chance after I got back from my medical leave (last July). Anyway, I found a new team and should start some assignments soon. What is more, my new manager had a brain tumour so he understands well what a struggle it is sometimes to do simple things. I know that tumour differs from brain hemorhage but he is aware of similar difficulties like dizziness, balance problem, vision and fatigue. I was so reliefed he told me about that in our phone conversation, so I could also share with him (I did not plan at the beginning). He said he definitely agrees that I keep my home office and take any time I need to rest. The job must be done, but he does not care how I organize my time. I felt lucky. Of course this postpones my move to the UK, but anyway the political climate now does not fill me with joy when Im thinking of moving there. Maybe, if I really manage to keep the job and be good at it, I could ask my new mananger if I can change the location. Anyway I will have a home office and stay in the same timezone. I would probably have to set up a company (sole traded) as being employed in the UK would be too expensive and probably will cause some problems when UK divides from UE, but that at least is a solution.

What is the most important for me, is that I will be able to check whether I manage to work; focus for few hours a day, respond to issues and manage projects. If it works Im sure it will build up my confidence.

I also got some motivational books, recomended by a doctor and friend and will try to follow the advises there. I have been lucky to have nice people around me. Last week after a lovely conversation with Moo, I managed to get a bath! I should mention I did not have a bath for really long time (4-5 months), I just could not lye in the water. I did not stay long but I even washed my hair. So you see, achievements.

My husband will be with me from Saturday and Im hoping to have a good time as I have not seen him for 2,5 months now.

I feel, the job could be a breakthrough. If, of course, I will manage.


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Keep working on the positives!! :-)


Love to hear good news...I really hope it all works out well for you. Enjoy the time with your husband


Sound fantastic Iwona and well done. The positives in our days are little streams of hope. Take care. Xx Nick


hoping to have a good time??????????? i think you should re phrase that dont you iwona hahaha


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Cieszę się, że Cię rozbawiłam. Ponoć śmiech to zdrowie :)


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