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Glimmer of hope (DM article)

Read this story in the dailymail today. Its probably years away (like everything) but at least something to hope for. I would give everything I have, life saving the lot, to bring this treatment forwards for my Mum who suffered a TBI at the beginning of the year.


Thought I would share in case people hadn't seen it.

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I haven't seen this article Mexas so thank you for the link.

What a fascinating process it is, and one person's bone marrow is sufficient for 18 treatments !

We're constantly benefitting from medical science ; just a little too late for this treatment.

Remember, it's still early days for your mum. I'm still seeing improvements after 4 & 1/2 years.

Best wishes xx


I saw on BBC breakfast news this morning an item about it. There was an older man Leonard McCall in a wheelchair, plus the interviewer was talking to a specialist. Memory being what it is already, names and credentials I've forgotten as only flashed on screen while interview going on. However the man pushed himself up out of the wheelchair and was walking straight. He did say he needs to use a walking stick now. He managed to lift his arm again, lifted his arm where before he had been paralysed.

Apparently the stem cells were implanted via the skull into the brain the specialist said, a 3 hr op I think. You could see from the patients face he had had a stroke because of the one sided droop.

So yes great hope in the science and technology , but will the NHS funds be there with statistics as they are for already existing patients with brain impairment and the number of people having strokes each year now?


Nice to see the Daily Wail publishing something positive for a change... although if you read between the lines it could be seen as a story to 'get the benefit claiming scrounging wasters back off to work - even if they have been 'ill' for years'. Or perhaps the Wail's science editors didn't go to the same school of journalism as their social affairs correspondents?

We can all take heart though from the ongoing medical learning in the field of neurosciences.


Oh wow, that sounds excellent!


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