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Hepatic Encephalitis

Hi this is a post for a friend of mine as I am not sure anyone on this site has any knowledge of hepatic encephalitis as opposed to encephalitis caused by other reasons. Her husband is currently in hospital and very confused not taking medication or eating and refusing to do so. She is having difficulty getting support, as a carer, locally so if there is anyone on the site who has experience of this I can direct her to the site.

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rankjac hi and welcome although different there are some similarities to a normal brain injury, mood swings aggression short term memory loss epilepsy..we as people change, we re not the same person we were before our bi.

help him manage with the above and let the medical people deal with the liver problem thats causing this.

contact her local cab to see what help maybe out there for her and as youre on here one BIG favour you could do for her is find out where and when the local headway group meet. shell meet people who has a bi and like her those who support us .......



Thanks Steve I'll certainly mention the local headway group as I find the posts on this site helpful in understanding what my brother, who has a BI, is going through. She has been to the local CAB but they have given her few ideas



Contact the Encephalitis society if not done already, they deal solely with encephalitis no matter how it is caused and will be able to provide information and support.

I suffered from viral encephalitis which as you say will have differences to your friend's illness, but there are many similarities between all of us.

I am a member of said organisation, it was a great help to my family when I was first ill, and I still receive communications from them too. It has been a great knowing hey too are at the end of a telephone should I need their reassurances.

Janet x

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Thanks Janet contacting the encephalitis society is a great idea as she feels she is alone going through this. Although my brother has a brain injury there appear to be differences as to how he is coping and my friends husband is coping


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