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20 minute power nap..........


Something I used to mention quite regularly, after having a head / brain injury, fatigue is a major consequence.

A 20 minute power nap makes the world of difference. You don't even have to fall t sleep, just relaxing totally with your eyes shut for 20 minutes really helps.

Like me, a lot of people who have suffered a head injury have trouble sleeping & I'm often up at half 4 in the mornin, but a few hours at night, providing I have a 20 minute nap in the afternoon is sufficient.

The thing is, it is quite important to only rest for 20 minutes cos after about half hour U go into a 2nd stage of sleep (26minutes is said to be the optimum but even 5 minutes does make a difference for a while.

Anyway, definitely worth giving a go, what have u got to lose ???

About 20 minutes as it goes ;o)

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I'd forgotten about this but just resurrected it in my daily routine recently.

I wondered why I felt rejuvenated after my reflexology and acupuncture sessions and apart from the treatments themselves, it's that total relaxation, almost meditation ha goes with it. So, I'm back to giving myself that rest time every day .

Thanks Stace.

Janet x

Hi Stace,

I used to do the whole resting-with-my-eyes-closed thing as well. It does help greatly.

Also another thing I shall add, and I have mentioned before, is changing your diet. Ditch eating rubbish, acidic foods and start going green.

Helps me in many ways.

Also try out essential oils, got to be good quality ones though as well.

Take care,


I find it a bit hit and miss to be honest. Sometimes I'll doze for a few minutes (20 minutes, give or take) and it'll really perk me up but other times - perhaps it has to do with *how* tired I am - I'm down for a minimum of two hours!

Hi Stace,

Works for me although can be between 10 and 20 mins. N

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