Brain tumor

Hi I've been on this site in the past when my dad suffered a Tbi in early October. I didn't write much but I did find it very useful and motivating with the replies I received. My dad's story has been remarkable. He is now at home continuing his rehab. It's all just a case of getting his strength up and building his confidence.

But in December my mother in law feel asleep after a short break in Scotland. She was very difficult to wake up on two separate occasions which was worrying for everyone. She was sent for a cat scan later that month but it didn't show anything conclusive. She then went for a mri scan last week and has just received the results. They found an "abnormality" and will be bringing her in for further tests and to discuss the next course of action.

I lost a aunt almost 2 years ago to a brain tumor. So this is a very worrying time for everyone has it looks to be following the same path.

If anyone can advise on the best way to support my wife and the rest of her family because I know the next few months are going to be very tough.

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I am so happy to hear that your dad continues to make progress.

You really have a lot on your plate.

While waiting for the results of the tests doing what you can as a family to keep your mum in law occupied can help.

Remember to take care of yourself.

As you know Headway are there too.

Hoping for the best possible news

Love n hugs



I think that being attentive and sensitive to her anxiety (sounds like you already are) is all you can do for the present. If I were your wife I imagine I might be feeling a bit paralysed by the apprehension, so help with daily stuff and an extra hug or two might be very welcome.

I do hope it isn't the worst scenario, but if it turns that it is, and the tumour is caught early enough, there's every chance of successful surgery and treatment to give your mum-in-law a good outcome.

All best wishes to you & your wife and family ; please let us know how it goes for your mum-in-law. Cat x


flostan just be there for her, give her space , you know your wife so youll know when to to intervene with a big hug .



I just lost my Grandad to a Brain Tumor the day I post this. I don't really have any advice except be there with your wife no matter what happens.


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