Rehab for my husband at long last

Waited for it for such a long time whilst he was in hospital that when we were told that he would be transferred to the rehab unit I couldn't believe it until we were there. Don't know how I feel as didn't have much time to digest. Hopefully things will keep progressing. I know there will be good days and bad days. Past 2 months I have been with him at the hospital every day for about 10 or 11hrs every day supporting him in every possible ways I can. Now that he is in the Rehab I am going back to work next week as I have to leave him in the safe hands of others. It is a strange feeling. I am scared and worried but I know I got to let go and trust that they will be taking good care of him.

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  • Wonderful news for you both and the next step towards your husband getting back some independence. I was the same as you three years ago, and went back to work, somewhat reluctantly, once my husband get a bed in the rehab unit. He was 75 miles away from home so I got him a simple mobile phone and we spoke morning and night during the week and I went to visit from Friday night to Sunday night. The unit had a room for family to stay so most weekends I was able to book that meaning I got to spend loads of time with him. Coming back home every weekend was filled with tears for me, but I could see some small improvement every time I saw him no matter how tiny. Hugs, x

  • Hi. That's great he is in the right place now. The staff/doctors are experts in B/I. They will be able to offer him what is needed for him to make big strides. I waited weeks in hospital for a bed in the rehab unit. In the end I had become to good some I had to wait months for the outpatient rehab unit. I was really too good to be there so I was in & out.

    Please let me know if you need any help & support ??


  • I'm sure he will be in the best hands, and correct rehab is SO important for a good recovery.

    Some people recover more quickly than others, but remember, the brain NEVER stops healing. Sometimes, progress is so slow, we don't feel it.

    I wish you and your husband all the best!

    Good luck!

    Love Debs


  • Thank you for all your kind words. They brought tears to my eyes. Reading your messages have given me lots of hope.

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