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Carer Support Appointment.. Long overdue x

After 3.5 years I am seeing someone through the NHS for me as the wife of someone with a brain injury. It's booked for 4th Sept & as you can imagine well overdue.

My husband has had to move out as we can't live together atm & it's breaking my heart :(

Has anyone else had this kind of experience - help as a carer/supporter??

I think this is fairly new (I live in Poole, Dorset)

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Hi, I get support from my local Carers centre, the staff there helped me see that I needed help, then helped me to get it. They also came to the meetings with me so that my voice was heard and helped me stand my ground. Look for your local one via Carers Trust website, or Google Carers organisation with your area. Good luck and stand your ground. You have rights as a Carer but the professionals will often try to make you feel guilty and give in to the easy option for them. Xx


Oh shame. very hard to accept everything!

I also live in Poole. Have you joined Headway yet?

I am now volunteering there, and try and Organise one Friday each month!

You must also join us down at The Quay, Wetherspoons. We are there from 11 - 12.30 every Wednesday. (Tomorrow I have a Council meeting somewhen From 9.30-11.30, but I will get down there as soon as I can!

Hope we can meet up!




Hi Debs!

I know your sister :)

Dani xx


Oh yes! Of course! Sorry! Xxx


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