Hi there

Just thought I would tell you about part of my SA holiday!

Yesterday we left home at 4am, and caught the train from Creighton, which ambled along for 1 and 3/4 hours. We saw thousands of flowering aloes, which only flower for 2 weeks each year - Red Hot Pokers!

We went alongside a river, and the scenery was really wonderful. Mountains in the background, and hills, valleys, and lots of cattle!

When we got back to Creighton, my son paid for us to go up for a helicopter ride. What an amazing experience!

I am being given such a wonderful holiday by my sons and daughter-in-law! Time is passing too quickly!

If I wasn't on my UK benefits, I would be back here for good!



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  • fantastic! so glad you had such a great time!

  • and p.s welcome back

  • I've never seen one in flower! Thanks for the picture.

    I hope you have enjoyed warming your bones.

  • I have indeed. I am still in SA until Saturday. Thanks xx

  • Doh....spent the first few moments wondering what a SubArachnoid holiday looked like...until I realised you meant South Africa. Oh my, this head business really has gone to my head.

    sounds like you are having an amazing time!

  • Hiya Nutkin,

    So pleased you are having a great time, how nice that your visit coincides with the aloes in flower - thanks for the E postcard : ) x

  • Thanks everyone! Xx

  • Wow, I bet that it is amazing there. Enjoy the rest of your stay!!

  • Thanks so much! X

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