Universal Studios

Universal Studios

After my worry about Disneyland roller coasters my colleges didn't go there but instead had a trip to Universal Studios, a film and tv theme park alongside the real studios used by Universal in Los Angeles. It's pleasingly free of roller coasters and the one I did go on was pretty tame. Instead it has lots of flight simulators where the seat gets shaken a bit but most of the action is on the screen. Including a funky one which is two very long cinema screens you watch from inside a tram carriage during the tour of the actual studio. There's also a fun log flume ride with a Jurassic Park theme pictured below with my colleague. And an impressive stunt show themed after Water World. Much fun in a childish sort of way. My head was knackered after it of course but nothing a good sleep wouldn't sort.

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  • Great to hear about your trip and pleased that you had a good fun time without too many negative affects on your BI.

  • Nice photo with happy, smiley faces. Good to hear you enjoyed the trip, and wise I think, to have avoided the 'extreme' rides ! :-/ x

  • glad you had a good time,i will never go on a rollercoaster! so with you on that one!

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