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Mental Fatigue


Hi Ya'll my work has been demanding quite a bit from me lately and I was just wondering. How do you all battle or overcome cognitive and mental fatigue?

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Been trying to figure that little problem out for 16 years. Only manage to do voluntry work because of this problem....if you find a remedy pleaaaaase let me know.....sorry not much help.

I don't know...I'm just sort of used to it I guess. I take supplements and they make me feel a bit better.

Sleep/rest/veg out and do something that requires very little thought. Of the three, I think sleep is currently my favourite ! x


Hi Nageen

Unfortunately I only work 10 hours a week. I have to pace myself and take naps when I need them. I'd rest as much as you can on your days off and make sure you relax. If it were me Id have to have early nights in bed for work too as I do everyday anyway.I know its difficult but try not to push yourself too hard at work :-)

Short answer, don't overcome it. Planning really well ahead of time is very helpful- try not to take on too much, eat regularly and try to have regular sleep patterns. East to say isn't it

I find fatigue at work a problem too. I seem to be okay while i'm at my desk but when I sit in meetings the tiredness is sometimes overwhelming and I feel so rude. Sometimes sucking throat sweets or sipping mineral water helps keep me going.

I suspect like most I have only so much go per day, also if I push past it, it can take me days to be back to normal.

So I generally chose my battles what i want done, and am mindful that if i over reach I'll pay for it for days.

forgot to say glad your doing well? had wounderd if you where doing well.

HI Negeen,

if you brain Injury is recent , it will use a lot of energy to try and repair itself . when I started recovering I found myself extremely fatigued and need to sleep loads. It passed and I now can manage most days without needing to sleep.

This has been a major problem for me since my illness. I tried smelling salts to give me a jolt but it is only a very short term fix! Although I had fun with inquisitive staff when I told them it smelt of Candy floss and invited them to take a big sniff!

The most effective solution I've found is taking cod liver oil supplements. They take a few weeks to make a difference but I certainly noticed the difference when I stopped taking them when I went on holiday for a week. Ultimately they allowed me to last throughout the working day and even maintain an element of concentration through meetings. Something I found impossible before.

Overcoming it is not usually an option and learning to manage it is more realistic

Of course everyone is different and jobs/life place different demands on each of us but generally...

Pacing yourself is the obvious answer...

Taking a look at your day and structuring it so that you do the tasks that require the most cognitive power at a time in the day when you have the most cognitive power ...

and switching between tasks that require a lot of concentration to those which need less can also help

Establishing routine is usually good ...along with being as kind to your body and mind as possible. Making sure you are well hydrated, have eaten, had sufficient sleep etc all help us to cope with the demands of the day.

Of course if you do find a way to overcome please do come back and share... we could all use that secret formula... ;)

I changed my diet, to non processed food, I used to fall asleep at a drop of a hat,,, concentration went from nil to brilliant. check out the venus or clean eating you would be amazed its turned my life 180 so much better

Hi Negeen,

I used to nap a lot during the days but rarely nap at all now. My eyes can get extremely heavy at times, they were heavy this morning actually.

I close my eyes for a few minutes, that helps.

Also, I now consume more vitamin B-12 for improving energy levels. I take spirulina supplements which are nutrient rich. I took them initially to improve my weakened immune system but also found I don't feel so tired because of them :).

Take care,


I get to bed early, I use some DLA to pay for housework cleaning that way I'm not burning energy both ends of the day.

I work 25 hrs a week, to me it feels like full time hours.

It's been eleven years now since my bump and illness, changes in routine, stress all knock me for six. If I add a new activity to one day in a week it can take literally months for my body and brain to adjust. I find it frustrating at times to be so limited but I'm getting used to it.

It' good that you are working Negeen. Long-term steps including pacing and nutrition are essential, but I still find myself in need of a quick fix when stretched. Eyes closed, muscles relaxed slowly from top of head slowly through eyes, jaw, shoulders etc on down to feet, then mind as placid as poss for 10 mins definitely helps. I was dubious when it was introduced as part of a rehab group, but despite the hippy-drippy undertones it is a great refresher. There's probably some unnecessary Yoga term for it, but that's what it is ;-)



I have had the same issue lately, I work in an office (I love my job). I cope very well because I have everything very organised and am strict at deligating my jobs to time slots; my collegues love my paper tray collection (it's pretty vast). However, the past two weeks have been crazy, lots of extra demands form different people. Asking me to do more than two things at once, asking me to do stuff when I was on my days off...... I ended up feeling exhauzted, anxious and a great bit faliure.

I decided to send a group email to all my colleuges telling them that I was no longer able to do lots of things at once, that I was no longer able to work extra hours, that even though I would love more than anything to be able to work to the standard I used to be able to work, since the accident I am not longer able to. I said that my work mobile would, from now on, be turned off in the evenings and weekends and anything could wait until Monday.

I was really strict with myself too, I was constantly on the go and not resting enough. My brain just could not cope, I ended up in A&E because I had stroke like symptoms; thankfully it wasn't a stroke or TIA it was my brain hitting a wall and no longer able to cope with the demands it was being put under.

I made sure after work I would go home and sit, just sit, in a quiet room. I downloaded an app on my phone (you can get it on your computer too) called Headspace, it teaches you to meditate and calm the mind, I've been taking long, relaxing bubble baths, going for walks with my little dog and reading. I had to switch off from work and what was going on. People keep saying I need to stop pushing my recovery and be kinder to myself, I now fully understand what they meant. I am now kind to myself and do nice things for myself. I higly recomend meditation, I have two apps "mindfulness Meditation" and "headspace", brilliant.... (I got mine free on android)

I hope my words help you, best wishes

To Negeen and anyone else who may read this comment, I have found that very brief yoga, meditation, a brief time of sleeping and simply resting with deep breathing has helped me tremendously, especially at times when I've been immobile or unable to speak.

I wish each of you well. <3

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