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great visual attention game for your phone

My brother recommended a game for my phone called Look Again! It contains two shapes on top of one another, and you have to choose the two shapes out of the surroumding 12 that make up the inside design in 45 seconds. Each level gets progressively harder. For the longest time, I was stuck, on only level 3, for the longest time, but wt practice it gets easier. Levels 1-10 just have the shapes. Levels 11-20 the outside shapes slowly rotate. Levels 21-30 the outside shapes are hidden until you choose one. Levels 31-40 the outside shapes randomly appear then disappear making it , kinda frustrating. I somehow got to level 31 two days ago. There are 270 levels currently, wt more on the way. I can only imagine what challenges are in store. This game is almost entirely visual attention, wt some memory thrown in, for the moving and hidden levels. This video is of just the first 8 levels. Check it out!

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this video describes the game in more detail.


Excellent, I will have to download.

I won't bother looking at the video cos I know I will like it :). Apple and the Nintendo DS are very good for puzzle games and games that generally test visual abilities.


Wow I don't have an iphone so can't down load it unfortunately. But have to say I would find it very difficult if not impossible!


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