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ESA again part 2

Right, just had my phone call.

He explained, after much asking him to speak more clearly, he obviously wasn't English and I had trouble with his accent, that this assessment had nothing to do with the first one and was stand alone, so although it was suggested at the last tribunal that I not be assessed again, that was then and this is now.

So, because I can take care of myself, and cook occasionally and use public transport occasionally, that's why they've put me in the limited capability for work group but that does not mean they think I can do work related activities, that wasn't explained to me, in fact my last communication from them says I have been put in the work related activity group and I will be expected to attend work- focussed interviews.

Methinks they speak with forked tongue!

I now have to wait for a letter this week that will give his decision on this, I'm not hopeful, but hey ho I'll jump through their hoops.

What a waste of money and time but it keeps people in jobs I suppose! Next instalment when I get my letter

:-) Janet x

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I am glad that part is over for you at least... They appear totally clueless to the amount of stress the bureaucratic stupidity creates...

There was a radio phone in recently and they were talking about disability benefits and should millionaires be entitled to claim them... I cannot imagine for one second why anyone wealthy who did not need the benefits to survive would submit themselves to the stressful and degrading process needed to claim...


Maybe because it's just greed and they don't actually NEED it they don't stress about it but just hope for the best whereas, for so many claimants, it's a necessity which causes real hardship if it's withdrawn. :o


Best of luck! I must say, I have kinds got used to being unemployed, and am not looking forward to my time when benefits cease!


Dear God, I despair. It would be amusing if it wasn't true


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