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Any hints

Although not TBI related ; I suffer from long standing Carpal Tunnel syndrome in both hands ( took 25 yrs before diagnosis as I did not tell GP it was purely by chance he saw me holding my hands unnaturally )

I have real problems typing I have tried all sorts of keyboards and tablets ( my son works in IT so he has tried to help )

Has any one any ideas to make typing easier ( I have tried various voice recognition software but as I slur my voice it does not work well)

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Funny you should bring this up I've suffered with carpal tunnel/ RSI ever since my ABI, down to nerve damage caused by my 3 months in hospital when I was ill I'm off to my GP on Tuesday meanwhile I wear wrist splints and thumb supports to help with the pain and rest when I can but my right hand/ wrist is worst and I'm right handed, let you know if he comes up with anything, paracetamol and ibuprofen don't help . Janet



Have you tried a wrist support for when you are typing It didn't help for me but it has helped others where my son works


Thanks, don't do much typing, it's the sewing and knitting that makes it worst, just spoken to my daughter she is a podiatrist and treats a lot of diabetic patients who get neoropathic( if that's what she said) from nerve damage so she's suggested bowls of hot and cold water and she's going to send me some dressings that are a bit like cling film to put on the affected part, cos that sometimes helps evidently, I'll let you know hoe it goes xx


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