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Scottish Head Injury Music Support Group

I'd like to introduce this forum to head injury support group called SHIMS.

SHIMS stands for Scottish Head Injury Music Support. We rehearse twice a week and we aim to play live at least once a month to a variety of organisations that look after survivors of acquired and traumatic brain/head injury.

SHIMS members have all suffered an acquired and/or traumatic brain/head injury and we get great value from playing music - the majority of our songs are written about "The Journey" associated with having an ABI or TBI.

To get a better idea of what SHIMS is about I'd encourage you to take a look at a songs that were recorded when SHIMS played live for the launch of the West Dumbartonshire Brain Injury Experience (BIEN) Group DVD at the Denny Civic Theatre in Dumbarton in 2012.


About It -

Peaks and Troughs -

Invisible -

We aim to play live as much as possible to help raise awareness of Brain/Head Injury – as to many people it is Invisible but we live with the effects day in day out.

Our website is shimsgroup.co.uk/

We are also on Twitter at @SHIMSGROUP

Our Youtube Channel is youtube.com/SHIMSGROUP

And you can email us at shimsgroup@gmail.com

Hopefully the songs and the words help other people with ABI or TBI.

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Thank you for sharing this, Just listened, brilliant, loved the music. A perfect description of how we are. Maybe if people listened to these songs it may help them understand us a bit more. Made my day.


Thanks aqua4.

Your feedback makes it all worthwhile. We will try and post other material soon.

We have recently put together an awareness movie which explains more about SHIMS and the places we play.

We have two gigs in the next week. This Friday and next Wednesday where we launch our CD to the world.

Will share feedback on how those go. Thanks for posting.


Great stuff! Well done :)


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