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For some reason, as I walked home from the train station after work today, I got hung up, thinking about my vision problems.

I am officially 'blind'. I was most offended when the doctor called me that. I would say 'partially sighted' - when I look straight forward, I can see nothing to the right, just a blurry brightly coloured mess. If I try to look to the right, I can see thing there, fine. I think I'm incredibly lucky to be able to see as well as I do (and, because I'm 'blind', I get reduced TV licence fee, reduced train fares, free buses, Disability Living Allowance...).

But I have very odd vision, as well as the 'blind'ness. If I look straight forward, then apart from the missing right-hand-side, I see normally. But if I try and look out the edges of my eyeball (down, up, left, right), I see double. The second image is off to the right, lower, and often at a really silly angle.

As I walked home tonight, all the way I was looking *down* at the pavement. This meant I could see double, all the way. If I'd looked a few metres ahead, I could just see one pavement, one kerb... but if I tried to look out of the bottom of my eye, i see double. On image is 'right' and the second is off at an angle. Both eyes on their own seem to see the 'right' image. Where does the second one come from. And why is it always so wonky?

I am SO lucky that the middle of my vision went back to normal, by about 9 months after the accident. But 9 years later, the edges are still bed (and I assume they always will be, now).

I was going to put this burble in my blog, but I have lost the message telling me where the blogs are, now.

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Swap right hand side for left and I have very similar problems to yourself. Strangely however I was told I was partially sighted as opposed to blind. Walking into things has become an everyday part of life and a frustrating one at that. I fully understand your entire post. It's not pleasant, but I too am extraordinarily grateful that at least my 'central' vision is absolutely fine.


Hi I had a missing bit on the top left which has since reduced. The double vision is probably due to each eye seeing a slightly different image. There is something called Vision Replacement Therapy which retrains the brain to pick up lost signals. It's not available on the NHS but I heard the association for the blind might be able to help

Best wishes



Hi Janet here, I have a similar problem on the right, reduced peripheral vision and I don't feel I see everything in fine detail any more. Have just been seen by a consultant in ophthalmology at the local hospital, he says I have pale optic nerves( according to google that's indicative of nerve damage and only to be expected after the encephalitis) and is organising a binocular field of vision test for me to determine the extent of the peripheral vision problems. So difficult trying to put make up on or look closely at anything, maybe it will get better, luckily I don't see double, hope this improves for you, hang on in there xxxx


Hi, I have almost exactly the same issue after a nasty motorcycle accident 4 years ago. I managed to get seen at Moorfields in London, but was told its not currently treatable. Have also been told that its nearly always the right side that goes.....something to do with the visual part of the brain. I've also been certified as 'Blind', and as you mention it certainly helps financially.

Have a read hear (reading is slow and laboured I know).....


It didn't really work for me, but it does with some people.


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