Woman on the Edge .... a goal achieved - success; proud of me

April 2009 fell of ladder and had PCS ever since, in August 2010 I had surgery for broken c6 and a fusion of C5/6/7; determined to get on with life and live it I went back to my hobby of motorsport marshalling. I have suffered exhaustion from being up and awake for a 14 hour day, sore feet, bad legs, aches pains and headaches; I have been drowned in storms, frozen in sub-zero temperatures and even baked in the sun. As I get up at 6am I wonder why I still do it as I suffer for a week getting over an event.

I have pushed myself to extremes as this was one of the goals set when I had my fall, a list of goals I never thought I could achieve.

This year I applied for a place at the British Grand Prix and was lucky to be chosen to go to the startline and pits for the Formula 1.

Talking to a photographer he took my picture on the startline (see page 57 of the magazine link) his words on that page have made me quite humble and if my brain would have let me I could have cried as it is the kindest and most supportive thing said to me by a complete stranger.

I then got to stand beside Vergne for the start of the F1 race at Silverstone; goal achieved and to make it more special my father was there and it was 50 years ago that he took me to my first grand prix meeting so I took him this year.


So for now I am in pain again and exhausted with a fuzzy head but happy and humbled and thought you may like to share a bit of my achievement and success in life.

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Such wonderful achievements - the boldest steps - not even - or 'just' during a 'disadvantaged' diagnosis. A running pathway is yours and with a huge track! Step in all ways. Takes you as you want it to go.


Yes......and so you should be proud, pixie. Well done.....you are, indeed, a bold lady. xx :-)


Fantastic...well done. You look fabulously happy in the picture. I love positive stories.


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