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Just saying 'hi'

Hi all, I've not posted here for a little while - I've been reading the blogs and questions regularly but often feel there isn't anything to add as you guys all have great things to say and much of the time I just don't feel 'qualified' to speak about some of the matters people discuss.

My friend B may be off to a new rehab facility soon. The new place is Headway approved and the staff are great. B is not pleased as she wants to get back to work and her own flat. B has agreed to visit it though and said she would like me to come too. I take this as a sign that she feels she can trust me and that I can be of help. I wanted to say thank you again to all you posters on the forum. Listening to your views and experiences has helped me to support B in the best way I can.

So I may be quiet, but I am still here and grateful!

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that is great to know, non of us are qualified as things are different but all we can do is give our perspective and hope it helps someone.

if you have questions, however personal then just ask, as their is much more to a brain injury than the logistics of living, it can effects every aspects of your life, the bits people feel comfortable talking about and the bits that people find awkward.

so don't be afraid to ask, because if we don't know then you have nothing to lose, good luck with it all


Hi there, like Biker says non of us are qualified, we just comment by telling parts of our own experiences, hoping in some way it will help others on this site and it does. I will probably never meet my virtual brain injury friends, partners, carers etc...... but its good to know they are there :) Remember............ "Every little helps" and all comments are welcome and be assured they do help :)

Good luck to you and B :) Tell her not to rush things, going to a new rehab will and should help. I came home way to early in my recovery stage and would have benefited from rehab.

( In my muddled brain injury head I thought I was ok and insisted on being let home. Wrong.... and it only took me 5 years in to see that :( )


Hi, TwoCakes, I hope that B will settle into the new rehab.ok and that she receives the help she needs.

Best wishes to you both...............and keep listening. xx

ps Your comments from a friend's/carer's perspective are as valuable as everyone else's.


I too have learned a lot since becoming a member of this group.

Wishing B all the best at the new rehab unit.

Sending you warm wishes, keep up the great work in your supportive role. We all need a friend by our side.

Hugs x


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