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balancing act

i have just found headway so this is all new to me, but I hope that i can find some answers and some people who might have felt like me.

I had an aneurysm in 2006, behind my right eye, I had surgery to have it clipped etc, after 6 months or so I got my sight back so to the rest of the world I looked like I had recovered but looks can be deceiving.

Now 7 years later I feel totally alone and like the effects of the aneurysm are not recognised at all by anyone including the medical profession. I'm hoping that I can learn more about how other people have dealt with the effects and how they have been treated by everyone else.

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Welcome, tracie, you've come to the right place. See you around. cat xx :-)


Hi Tracie, you are not alone now! I agree the medical profession are great a dealing with the emergency and saving lives. But when it comes to leaving hospital to start the journey back to health in my experience (and that of others I know) I left with nothing more than a booklet on SAH from the Brain & Spine Foundation. My GP didn't seem to know what to do to treat me after discharge. There was no assessment of balance, cognitive function, emotional dysfunction, weakness etc after leaving hospital. The only help I was given was speech therapy to help me speak again. The rest you have to work out alone and I agree the world becomes a very lonely place! I hope you find answers here with the group and don't feel so lonely anymore. Nice to have you with us on our journey. A xx


Hi Tracie, I have to say that I had all the help I needed after my tumour was removed. I live in the north of Scotland though. It sounds like another post code lottery when it comes to care.


Yes, tracie, looks can be very deceiving and for those of us fortunate enough to have escaped obvious disability there are still on-going problems. You will find many others here with various invisible symptoms and physical restrictions. One day they'll feel unable to cope and the next they'll be supporting someone else ......it's what we do.

I do understand how cognitive and mobility issues can drag you down emotionally, and I agree that the medics have very little interest or understanding of these problems but, even if we don't have the answers, there will always be support for you here. xx


Thanks to everyone who replied

Hi cat3

After looking through posts that are relevant to me I noticed that you seem to be clued up on this subject.

Can I ask if you know how I can have some neuro tests as I dont remember having them when before i left hosp in 2006. but I have forgotten more than i can remember about my former life, I have lost all the qualifications i gained at school, college etc and training and work exp through my life as I cant remember any of it, this has had a huge impact on my life and my mental health as i dont know who i am anymore, or what i know, sometimes i can know/remember something 1 day but have forgotten it the next? There is no stability to my memory at all.


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