any one know if a cracky voise may be due to gorlins in any way ??

daughter had cracky boy ish voice for nearly 1 month all tests for throat infections coming back aok???

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  • Hi Duck. First of Duck in Stoke-on-Trent is a word used to address some one, usually at the end, it is endearment form of expression.

    Regards to your question. I would say that the change in your daughters voice as nothing to do with Gorlins. It is a different skin structure being affected in this way. I can't put a name to it at the moment and have never heard of anyone with Gorlin's being affected in this way. I have had Gorlin's for, I could say all my 76 years of life.

    My conclusion would be what is termed is a change in life, or as it is said about boys when the voice breaks. Do not worry!. As long as you establish a good support group around your daughter, i.e G.P, Dermatologist with three to six month check ups and support of the Gorlin support groups along side of you, you are not alone. But most of all surround your daughter, family and friends with Love, Duck.

  • thank you ..we have had 2 years free from trouble so hope this continuse and thank you for your suport

  • Hello. I have Gorlin syndrome. Some time ago I changed my voice. After the tests I found out I have a fibroid ovarian producing male hormones. I hope it is not your case.

  • thank you IS it a simple test we can have done at doctors to check this ??

  • I have done an ultrasound ovarian and hormonal assays from endocrinologist through blood tests. For the girls with the syndrome is important to check the ovaries.

  • thank you!! got that all down ad we are in to see doc monday so will see what he thinks

    very many thanks

  • Hi Duck. I was to mention in my first reply, that I used to be in a Male Voice Choir, but my voice became that I was unable to perform or hold onto notes, which I did not associate the condition to Gorlin's. I am part family with Gorlins, Mother, two sisters, nephew and niece, and all present different aspects of Gorlins, saying that we are not affected in the same way. This comes about in Chromosome 9 and the variants of a gene within that chromosome Without going into more detail I will leave it at that, unless anyone requires it,you can obtain a lot of information on the internet which will give you a better under and how to cope and live with Gorlin's. .

  • thank you ..I am gathering this as we go along ..we are newbees at this only been diagnosed 3 years ago due to jaw cycts and so far so good only jaw cycts and none now for nearly 2 years though 9 in a year and a half was enough I think ..ha.ha..and so far NO other problems ..and thanks to you and others who have been through it for so much longer IT all helps to educate us !!!I am sure I willbe back and will let you all know if anything comes of the throat thing ..and for advice in the future too ..THANK YOU!!!

  • ive had a boyish voice all my life, i never let it bother me , it smoothed out after a while but it is still pretty deep for a girl.- i have had gorlins since i was a baby.