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Jaw Cyst Solutions

Hiya all!

Im obviously new to this site, nevertheless Im happy to see someone has created such a site for those of us who have this syndrome. So with that in mind I would like to find out what people in a similar situation to myself have done in regards to replacement teeth.

I suffered quite bad I suppose to jaw cysts when I was a kid and have lived fairly well with the consequences. Since turning 20 I have had fewer jaw cysts. But the problem still remains and now aged 25, I would like to fix my smile! I have had Maryland bridges suggested to me as a alternative to implants (implants are not feasable with this syndrome!).

Is there anyone else who has had this problem? Or has anyone found a plausible answer?

I cannot adapt to dentures so if it turns out I cant have maryland bridges, I may have to find something else! :(

Thank you.

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I know a couple of individuals who have opted for this procedure because of similar problems you are experiencing, they have been delighted with the results. I don't have information about the cost of the procedure but a word of caution - should you develop another/other jaw cysts (I hope you don't) may result in the bridge having to be replaced, thus incurring additional charges.



Yeah, we're not worried about the cost and we have done our research. I think its the best semi permanent procedure for me. And we know that if I do get another cyst (touch wood I wont!) the bridges can be removed and reattached after treatment. We arent worried about the additional costs. Thank you for your reply.