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Warburtons Wheat & Gluten Free rebrand to adopt the name of their gluten free bakery

Warburtons Wheat & Gluten Free rebrand to adopt the name of their gluten free bakery

Warburtons has always had a separate dedicated bakery, for their development and production of their gluten and wheat free range but now they have taken the decision to REBRAND their products and adopt the name of their bakehouse.

Warburtons are very open and above board and, when first launching their gluten free range, invited various Coeliac bloggers to visit the Newcastle bakery and see their setup, production methods and products. Fiona GFG was amongst the invitees and was very impressed with their setup, and the steps they were taking to ensure a strictly gluten free environment.

Initially they experienced problems with the bread breaking up but, unlike another large gf bread company, they admitted they had problems and offered disappointed customers vouchers as compensation. They took a lot of heat on their facebook and Twitter pages but dealt with this, took the criticisms on board and worked hard to remedy the problems.

They have taken the decision to rebrand and move to the name of the Newburn bakehouse where their gluten and wheat free products are produced. Still keeping the Warburtons logo on the packaging but in a smaller format. This does mean that the gluten free goods will be easier to identify, especially if they are merchandised with the main Warburtons breads.

Here is a link to our Facebook photo album which shows the ORIGINAL launch of the Warburtons products.

We also took the opportunity at the time to photograph ALL the packaging which very clearly shows the ingredients. Warburtons does not use codex wheat starch in its products.

Here is another link to our Tumblr blog where we also talked about these products:


You DO NOT need to join Facebook or Tumblr to view these items.

We were very candid in our review of Warburtons products and highlighted the issues they had with bread breaking up and having large holes. We also praised their efforts to rectify the problems they experienced. They appeared to us to be very passionate about the development of a separate gluten and wheat free product and we feel this comes across in how they deal with their customers.

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Thanks for sharing this. Whilst not a big bread eater I am pleased that more breads are becoming available in the market place. More = competition which can only end up benefiting the gluten free community.

Of course Warburtons would see this area of production as being profitable otherwise they wouldn't be in business. Hopefully they would be able to reduce costs by having a dedicated bakery as they don't have the reason that it's costly to exclude and keep the gluten free product separate from their main production. Cranberry muffins rule!!


I've tried the bread this week...the white sliced and the brown sliced.....not bad...makes good toast.....


Not bloated on it good news for me......


Their lemon and poppy seed cakes are really good. I really like warburtons. :)


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