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Which drugs contain gluten?

I was speaking to a lady today who told me that she had recently been glutened by some drugs she had been given by her doctor for an infection. I believed that all the drugs in the formulary are gluten free, but she told me to watch out for generic drugs which don't have to follow the same rules as long as the drug content is the same. She also said to watch out for capsules. Can anybody advise?

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The opposite may apply. That is the branded proucts are most risk. Paracetamol is a generic name and supplid in its simple form. However Panadol is branded paracetamol with extra substances. Examples of meds with vluten are most cough syrups and other meds made into zyrups.


Hi Mmmm, You could check with the following - but always double check with both your doctor and the pharmacist as it really is never worth the risk of taking in unwanted gluten:


All prescription drugs in the UK are GF. Herbal remedies etc are not always. Generic drugs are still gf. They become generic once the original patent runs out and so are sold in their chemical name not a brand. My antihistamine used to have a brand name up till a couple of years ago and is now exactly the same but called Loretadine


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