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Do you eat things that might be contaminated?

Just wondering really I went to buy something today and my 7 yr old autistic daughter said you can't have that because it was made in a factory where they use wheat.

I just said I'm sure it'll be fine but her reply really startled me...she said if I brought something that said it might contain traces of poison would I eat I said no and then she couldn't understand why I was going g to buy something that was possibly contaminated...



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Very smart little girl. She has got it just right.


I agree. Why take the risk of being ill?


personally i DO try stuff that states made a factory that handles wheat, there is very rigorous cleansing between the lines and, touch wood, have never had a issue, but we are all different as to our choices


This is something that is faced every time a coeliac eats out in a restaurant ie it's made in an environment that handles wheat and gluten.

I personally avoid both choices as I think why risk it. I am happy with modern squeaky clean cafe's/coffee shops as the drinks are not made in the same area as the food. And you can see that there aren't bread crumbs everywhere as they make your tea/coffee in front of you.


If the item is listed in the Food & drink directory and has that warning on the back then I will eat it because Coeliac Uk have their info to say that everything is within our limits and the company is doing everything to avoid cross contamination. The new rules are now affecting us in the same way the rule changes for nut allergy affected them a few years ago.....manufacturers are covering their backs.


One of the problems is that although the food might be gluten free the packaging may not.

Sometimes carton producers glaze the inside of a drinks carton or plastic meat tray with a wheat based glaze.

I always wash chicken breasts etc to try to minimise the effect.

Although I try to be fastidious about being gluten free I do get problems by hidden gluten.


Seriously? They glaze the inside of cartons/trays with a wheat-based glaze?? Is this universal or in specific countries/by specific companies? I've honestly never heard that before! I'm not doubting it, just absolutely ASTOUNDED by it... Oh man. There really is nothing 'safe' if that's true. I mean if even the raw meat you buy is potentially contaminated by 'wheat-based glazing' on the tray... for F's Sake! I'm away to sit in a corner and absolutely cuss the air purple with frustration...


I think it depends also on whether you can tolerate any gluten. I cannot tolerate even codex wheat so avoid anything with potential gluten in it.


I've never heard of wheat based glazing either....In fact I don't believe it...but I will be investigating. Wheat is an expensive commodity and why would they use it? I'll be back lol


I'm back......there is some research about using wheat as a coating for some containers but apparently because of it's allergen status it's not a feasible product to use....Most are coated in a waxy resin and are of no risk to us at all.

My husband, who is a farmer, who grows wheat has not stopped laughing about this yet. He reckons the cost of the packaging if done like this would outweigh the cost of the meat.

I have to say though...I always wash all meat/fish and vegetables before use because who is to say that the person who handles that food at some stage in the packing process has uncontaminated hands.


Your child has some very good insight that we tend to forget or choose to overlook when there are no immediate or outward signs.

I like the analogy that my wife presents to groups on the celiac topic. It's purpose is help understanding and is aimed at those individuals that think it is just an allergy or for those parents, of celiac children, that think it's ok to let them cheat.

"For Celiacs the effects of Gluten, found in any products that contain forms of wheat, barley, and rye, are like that of a systemic poison, such as rat poison! Like rat poison you may not know you have been exposed (depending on your sensitivity) until after you see the outward noticable symptons. Unlike the rat, which can die days later, gluten causes severe and many times irreparable damage (to include other autoimmune diseases) or death to the celiac when there is continued exposure.

With Gluten, like Rat poison, if small amounts or particles (dust from the container) are ingested or inhaled, will cause damage to your system. Depending upon your sensitivity it may or may not be outwardly noticable, but it still causes damage!"

"Think of the effects of Rat poison next time you knowingly offer this type of Gluten food or a product to a celiac adult or child".

Congratulations on educating child on glutens effect on certain people!

She has a very good understanding of the damage poison does to your systems.



well said jgg-itsec that is how I manage my diet when tempted:" for me that is poison DO NOT TOUCH"

. the current bugbear is malt barley extract, it gets everywhere.


I am so with you on that one! I can frequently be found moaning to myself in the supermarket about barley malt extract...I wish they'd take their barley malt extract and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

My little girl has grasped the gluten free diet better than me I just hope she never ends up with coeliac disease.


there is a possibility that she will , have you had her tested? my daughters were both tested when I was diagnosed, and my grandchildren, it's on their medical records which will alert doctors if any problems arise, making CD a first guess rather the the very last one that so many of us suffered! my eldest keeps mostly wheat-free and feels better for it , my sister much the same. it does run in families. all my cooking is GF for anybody that I feed, the only gluten in the house is my husband's biscuits and bread, we have separate grills, butter etc. get your daughter to plan your meals? GF for everyone, sounds like she may have a feel for it. it's easy when you get down to it, Pasta, pizza bases and flour on prescription, the rest is fresh and seasonal, actually a very healthy diet for the whole family. have fun and give your daughter the CoeliacUK Food and Drink Directory for bedtime reading !!!!!!!


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